NameboardAt the crossroads of life, we need someone who will listen and give wise counsel. The Glen Pastoral Care Centre aims to be a centre of healing and wholeness to serve our members and the broader community in need of the loving touch of Jesus Christ.

The Glen Pastoral Care Centre is complete! Praise the Lord for His provision! Thank you to everyone who gave of their time, talent and expertise to design, build, fund and decorate this special space.

The Glen Pastoral Care Centre will be open on Thursday mornings from 10h00-13h00, starting from 18 October 2012.

A counsellor will be available for consultations.

We are still awaiting medical doctors who are in a position to help, to please contact Annezka on 082 875 4805.

A life skills approach:

The Glen Pastoral Care Centre can help you in many ways including general life skills, such as, how to go about choosing an appropriate career, and how to prepare and take care of your financial needs. One of our members with a technical background, BCom, and who knows how to run business finances – has kindly made himself available in an advisory capacity.

Should you need guidance on, for example, how to go about your economic life, developing your skills, utilizing your skills, and the drafting of successful business plans; make the effort and make contact so that someone can provide a little guidance. A one-on-one meeting within a few days; may just make the difference.

Mission Statement:

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, and through the appropriate ministries, we pray for healing; we support and care for members of our congregation and those in need.

Society Steward:

Mhleli Nduna

Contact: or 082 641 6018

Pastoral Care Ministry Leader:

Annezka Magalhaes

Registered Psychological Counsellor/ Pastoral Therapist

Contact: or 082 875 4805