Many people today are under enormous amounts of emotional, social, spiritual, mental, financial, political, physical, and economical stress that leads to multi-dimensional problems, which impact negatively on individuals, families, and systems, such as churches, schools, and the workplace; and ultimately, on the community and society. This presents a pastoral challenge to the local church. Many believe that the local church is ideally positioned to meet these needs as the church is perceived as a caring environment; and often the first place people who have problems or needs come to. On the other hand, people often look for meaning in life in wrong places.

The Glen Pastoral Care Centre is equipping itself to respond to these challenges. We believe every person can find solutions for the problems they face in life through counselling in an environment of acceptance and love.

The overall purpose of our Centre is to help people in today’s world make the most of their everyday life. We were a group of individuals who had this dream in our hearts and embarked on this journey in 2011 to help people find healing and restoration, and this dream is still alive. Ultimately, God gives us hope, and we want to share it with others.

The Glen Pastoral Care Centre has three (3) comfortable, sound-proof counselling rooms, which ensures privacy and confidentiality. To make counselling available to all, the Centre functions on a donation-basis with the aim of enhancing responsibility and ensuring self-sustainability. Our aim is to serve the wider community and anyone is welcome to make use of our services. We have twenty (20) counsellors, both lay counsellors and professionals. Lay counsellors work under the supervision of professional psychologists, social workers and therapists.

The centre follows a wholistic approach, addressing psychosocial, spiritual and practical living challenges. For example ill-health, bereavement, difficult choices, drug/alcohol abuse, difficult work situations, unhappiness at home, stress in the school environment and peer pressure, feelings of aloneness, struggling with faith issues – regardless what the problem or struggle is about, if we can’t help, we will refer you to someone who can.

There is more to the Pastoral Care Centre than counselling, and we host therapeutic and growth oriented workshops on a regular basis. For example our quarterly programme for April to June includes an “Inner Healing Prayer Counselling Course” (2-year course), monthly Pastoral Care Group Get-togethers, Counselling Team Training & Development, a Seminar “Celebrating our Differences”, which focuses on transformation by a Change Management consultant, a Talk on “Working with psychiatric patients” by a Clinical Psychologist, a Marriage/Relationship Enrichment Workshop: “Understanding the love of your life”; and a Workshop on “Holy Communion”. The rest of the year includes various workshops, including “Quiet Days” (Retreats) from July. Events are advertised in the Record and other community newspapers.

In addition, an experienced business partner is prepared to meet individuals on a one-on-one basis, on short notice, to offer financial guidance, advising on general financial/business matters as well as business plans. Similarly we have the expertise of a property lawyer available, when the need for his assistance arises. Help is also available around general life skills, such as choosing a career, taking care of financial needs, and developing and utilizing skills.

We are in the process of opening a satellite branch of the Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB) at the Centre. Future plans include support groups, where the need arises, as well as training of domestic helpers with a focus on baby care, by an external professional person. We aspire to work closely with organisations/businesses in our area and hope to extend our working relationship with Brooklyn and Eastview Methodist Churches, the Community Policing Forum (CPF), Sunrise Trauma Centre at Garsfontein Police Station, and Pharos Community Centre, and others.

For a counselling appointment, phone 012-348-5198 (08h30-13h30). A counsellor is available on Thursdays from 10h00, but on other days as well; and weekends and after-hours, depending on the demand. We hope our Centre will be open six (6) days a week as we continue to grow and the need increases.