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Glen Communique to Congregation Ministerial Exchange May 2017

Imminent Ministerial Placement-Exchange : Moreleta and Hennops River Circuits Dear Glen Society Congregants May we preface this communication and points below with a reminder of the following pertaining to Ministerial Call and Placement in the Methodist Church of Southern Africa (MCSA): We are a Connexional church and ministers are itinerant - which means that Conference [...]


Good day friends, With the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, our church, being in the news lately I feel it only fitting that we should use our website as a means of conveying information relevant to our Society. Most of the information placed on this post is for information purposes only. If you would like [...]

Jesus Showed Up

When something completely unexpected happens, how do you respond? Are you a person who panics or are you a person who thinks quickly and makes a plan? As we have journeyed through Lent and through Holy Week with Jesus:, from Palm Sunday, last Sunday, through the events of this past Holy Week, as we have [...]


Please feel free to download and read our newsletter: Glen Newsleter Easter 2015

What does God Require of us?

I am often asked by people from various walks and stages of life the question of what does God require of me? The question comes in various forms but the essence of the question is still the same ‘What does God require of me?” Every time this question is asked, my mind casts back the [...]

A Letter to the Glen Family

Dear Glen Family, We would like thank those who participated in our month long survey, from 9th February until 2nd March, about the possibility of moving the Sunday Evening service time from 18h30 to 18h00. With the two morning service times remaining as they are at 08h00 and 09h45. The findings of our survey are [...]