Imminent Ministerial Placement-Exchange : Moreleta and Hennops River Circuits

Dear Glen Society Congregants

May we preface this communication and points below with a reminder of the following pertaining to Ministerial Call and Placement in the Methodist Church of Southern Africa (MCSA):

We are a Connexional church and ministers are itinerant – which means that Conference (or the Bishop, with the Presiding Bishop’s approval), can move any minister (at any time) as needs dictate in the District/Connexion;

– As such, ministers make the vow to “Go where I am sent (placed)”.

  1. Ministers are called to circuits, not societies (bearing in mind that specific Societies may call specific Ministers);
  2. A pastoral situation developed in our neighbouring Hennops River circuit, which necessitates the urgent move of a minister;
  3. The need to urgently move a Minister (Rev Philip Sharpe) from Westview Society, Hennops River Circuit, created an opportunity for Rev Raymond Keet to be placed at Westview , and Rev Philip Sharpe to be placed at the Glen (Moreleta Circuit); The ‘Exchange’ (and all it entails by mutual consent of the two Ministers, will happen within the next 2 months, i.e. by June or July.
  4. The Glen will formally thank and take leave of Reverend Raymond and his spouse Robyn before their departure to Westview Society, which is to become their new Spiritual home;
  5. The Glen Stewards and our current full-time Ministers have met with Rev Sharpe, who comes with a wealth of qualifications , pastoral and other practical experience, including in Team Ministry; we believe that under God’s direction, he will realise the potential to add huge value as part of the Glen Ministerial Team.

Connexional, District and Circuit structures were consulted as per MCSA protocol, and are in agreement.

We once again ask for your understanding, ongoing prayers , engaged involvement and support during this transition-period in the life of our church.

Let us remember that “God removes – and often shifts – the workers, but carries on the work” …

Yours in Christ’s Name and Service

The Glen Stewards and Executive.